Founder and Coordinator

Marília Ferreira da Cunha is a communication specialist working in the development of strategies, its implementation, and the production of content for several online and offline platforms. Previously, she has worked as a senior international consultant and project manager of EU funded projects, specifically those from H2020, Erasmus + and Creative Europe programmes.

She is an information designer, researcher, and content producer focusing on culture, international relations, and communication.

Marília has an academic background in international relations, languages, and communication. She has studied at the University of Porto, Portugal; Maastricht University, Netherlands, and Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. She learned information and graphic design through a hands-on approach.

Marília is passionate about good stories and how to tell them; she is always on the move, usually with a book and a pen.


Ana Roios is an Associate Director at Avisa Partners – Brussels working on EU affairs and consulting for the past 6 years. She advises companies on EU legislation and regulatory challenges, primarily in the areas of transport, environment, energy, and health.

Prior to working at IDA Group, she worked for the European Emergency Number Association as an advocacy officer and gathered experience at Sacchi Consulting. She was also a researcher at the Quid Novi Foundation, an institute for Economic Policy Analysis. Her research interests include the Middle East and Counter-Terrorism.

Ana has studied Law, Political Science and International Relations at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa.