Global Diplomacy is a platform for those interested in understanding the world through research, data, and stories. 
The Plot Journal is our digital publication featuring articles, essays, and explainers produced by international relations and geopolitical analysts. We are firm believers in slow journalism: we provide in-depth analysis with a global approach.
We run Global Diplomacy through our research and communications studio providing services and training to our clients and through subscriptions. Supporting (or hiring) us allows The Plot Journal (and Global Diplomacy) to continue existing.


- Research, analysis, and fact-checking

- Writing and editing articles, reports, and books 

- Create the most adequate format to communicate research to specific audiences​​​​​​​

- Provide tailored training (workshops), seminars, and talks to institutions and individuals


Marília Ferreira da Cunha is an international relations analyst and communications specialist. She is the founder and director of Global Diplomacy.  
Marília combines her knowledge of international relations and geopolitics with research, (data) analysis, and communication skills to understand and communicate about the world. She is particularly interested in researching topics at the intersection of conflict studies and technology/information.

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