Global Diplomacy Studio stands out with its unique approach, providing a global and insightful perspective on international relations issues. 
We support other researchers and practitioners in developing impactful research and data-driven projects that address the specific needs of their audiences.
Typically, a project goes through these steps: 
1. Research/Analysis:  Meet with the team to understand the project's objective and expected outcomes. Research the topic and come up with a set of questions. Pay attention to context, history, future scenarios, and bias. 
2. Concept: Create a concept to find the most suitable narrative. 
3. Development: Decide on deliverables considering the objective, audience, and desired outcome or action after presenting the project to the audience. 
4. Delivery: Present deliverables in agreed formats. Launch a communication campaign to promote the project and its outcomes.
Our services cover research and communication support for every phase of your project, including preparation, development, and post-production. 
Examples of projects:
- Static infographics, to be used online, on social media and in printed publications 
- Interactive data visualisation, which allows the audience to explore the data and different variables
- Digital interactive experiences to present the research and analysis through a storytelling approach.
In addition to these services, we offer customised training and talks on communication, data visualisation, geopolitics, and international relations. 
A non-exhaustive list of clients includes On Think Tanks, UNICEF, GMFUS, Clube de Lisboa, and Philia.

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